Some of the topics covered in this “More Info” page are:

Wood Floor Maintenance / Specialist Flooring Fleece / Buy-A-Mat 

A repaired and refurbished wood floor offers a tough resilient finish, which maintains its attractive appearance for a very long time if properly cared for.

Wood Floor Maintenance

The main enemies of wooden flooring are excessive and prolonged exposure to moisture and grit. Try and ensure a good quality doormat is used as much as possible when entering from outside to keep the dirt out. Keep mats cleaned regularly to keep them working efficiently.

Once your floor has been renovated it is already well protected, however, regular cleaning is the key to keeping your wooden floor looking good for years to come.

It can be maintained by simply sweeping and/or damp mopping using a floor maintainer.

Once the final coat of floor seal has been applied, you should allow it to fully cure for a minimum period of 5 days, especially before implementing any maintenance regime or covering the floor with rugs / carpets.

Some easy tips to help avoid damage to the floor:

  • Place mats at external doors to reduce the amount of debris and grit entering onto the floor surface, keep it regularly cleaned;
  • We are pleased to recommend who have a good range of products;
  • Don’t use too much water when cleaning, water can cause the floor to swell, warp or discolour; Remove spills as quickly as possible;
  • Don’t use steam cleaners on sealed wood floors;
  • Don’t use any abrasive products like “Flash” or “Cif” or “all-purpose cleaners” as they can dull the surface finish;
  • Use a reputable cleaning solution, and /or enhance the floor with a polish / floor dressing;
  • Keep the floor swept or vacuumed regularly to avoid any grit acting as an abrasive on the surface. We recommend use of a cylinder cleaner rather than an upright and make sure the brush head has not trapped any grit;
  • Apply felt feet protection to chair and table legs, renew when necessary.

Specialist Flooring Fleece

If you want to decorate after the floor has been sanded and sealed, then why not try out the flooring fleece that we can supply (and fit) to protect your floor from decorating spills and mishaps.

Easy to cut and fit to size. We are happy to just supply the materials and then, once your floor has fully dried and hardened, the flooring fleece can be put in place so you don’t have to worry.

Or we can arrange to come back and fit it for you. Either way, an ideal solution when trying to decide which to do first, walls or floor – download our decorating tips here.

Separate charges are usually made for supply and fitting of flooring protection materials which include – builders paper, protection board, flooring fleece, carpet protector, low tack masking tape and gaffer tape.

We can also provide a “loan service” of sheet hardboard to assist in moving of heavy items like pianos or for providing temporary walkways.

Please make sure – if you are fitting the fleece yourself – that the correct masking tape is used, as we’ve found a really effective one which doesn’t damage the floor when removed. Contact us for details.


Once you have spent good money on getting your floor renovated, and it’s looking beautiful, it’s important to keep it that way!

The main enemies of wood floors are water and grit. We can’t state how important it is not to overlook these two little words, but the easiest and most effective way is to start at the entrance to your house with a really good effective door mat.

These are the ones we recommend, they are called “Trigrip” and the “standard” version is suitable for most homes. The company we have used in the past to get them is quick, efficient and easy to deal with on-line and you can find their website at

Be sure to order the correct version, one with a flatback if its going straight onto a wooden floor, one with a gripper back if you’ve got carpet inside your doorway.

Installing a good door mat will help absorb water from underneath shoes and contain the grit that inevitably gets picked up. Remember to keep the mat hoovered or shaken on a regular basis and you’ll find your wooden floor stays looking beautiful for longer!